Modtag nyheder og tilbud fra Abelone

Modtag nyheder og tilbud fra Abelone

Raaw Algea Hand & body wash Se større

RAAW In a Jar - Sea Botanique Wash


RAAW In a Jar - Sea Botanique Wash, er en forfriskende og eksfolierende hånd- og kropssæbe med finmalet vulkanske pimpsten, tang høstet fra Frankrigs kyst, Geranium og Ylang Ylang.
Produktet vil stimulere cirkulationen, give blød og glødende hud samt fjerne døde hudceller.

  • Størrelse: 16 OZ | 475 ML
  • 100% økologisk og vegansk
  • For alle hudtyper

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WILD HARVESTED ALGAE: Contains very potent, concentrated antioxidants. Algae increases skin hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes redness and irritation. Algae is highly nourishing and calming.

WILD HARVESTED SEAWEED: The wealth of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants in seaweed helps in keeping the skin revitalized, moisturized, and youthful. These elements guard the skin against the harmful effects of environmental pollutants and helps to slow down the skin’s aging process. Seaweed is packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, B, C, E, K, omega-3 fatty acids and essential minerals. Scientific research has made it evident that seaweed extracts contain anti-aging properties and the anti-inflammatory properties present in seaweed are useful in treating skin rashes and wounds.

DEAD SEA SALT: Contains more than 20 essential minerals that naturally occur in our bodies but must be replenished, as they are lost throughout the day. These minerals are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse our bodies. 

SPIRULINA: Is a blue-green algae that can help warding off free radicals and eliminating toxins from the skin, increasing skin metabolism to enable faster skin cell turnover and skin healing.

YLANG YLANG: Known for regenerating skin cells, smoothing fine lines and improving skin elasticity.

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